Trailer and Semi-trailer Service


  • Annual maintenance works;
  • Maintenance works;
  • Preparation for technical inspection in accordance with EU requirements;
  • Computer diagnostic works;
  • Body construction repair works;
  • Chassis and suspension repair works;
  • Axle repair works;
  • Electrical equipment repair works;
  • WABCO, Knorr ABS and EBS braking system diagnostic and repair works;
  • ABS, EBS and ECAS systems diagnostic and repair works;
  • Brake efficiency inspection works with stand for brakes, brake control works;
  • Brake caliper repair works;
  • Pneumatic system repair works;;
  • WABCO, KNORR, HALDEX air system repair works;
  • Axle geometry verification and recovery works, wheel alignment works;
  • Wheel mounting and balancing works;
  • Car carriers construction repair works;
  • Leaf spring production and repair works;
  • Hydraulic system installation and repair works;
  • Repairs works after the accident;
  • Painting works;
  • Welding works;
  • Temperature controlled body installation and repair works;
  • Tarpaulin repair works;
  • External washing works;
  • Internal cleaning / washing works;
  • Technical assistance on the road;